Wednesday, November 6th, 1867

The last piece of ice used today. The last sheep was quite equal to English mutton, so fat and so tender. They thrive so much better than husband expected, he did not lay in enough hay or he would have kept the three lambs, so I supposed they will have to be killed in consequence. The big pigs are getting so large the carpenter had to make a house extra for two of them. The weather is entirely too hot to kill them so I expect they will have to be kept three or four weeks longer till we get into cooler weather.

The days are lengthening out nicely. I can’t imagine it is the dreary month of Nov. The weather is splendid here , only a little too warm. I go on deck every even, such a delightful breeze it is quite refreshing. On Sund. I sat on deck so long reading I quite blistered my nose with the sun. We go about a la negligee, scarce any undergarments on, so it is quite a saving in the washing. Six weeks today since we sailed from N.Y., it don’t really appear so long, I suppose because the weather is so much better than we have been used to.