Wednesday, November 27th, 1867

Nine weeks today at sea. Tried to work on the machine but the ship was on the wrong tack for it, broke my needle so had to give it up for today. Saw a lot more seals, the ship going too fast through the water to stop to catch them. Also quite a number of land birds round.

This day 115 miles, therm. 68. Steward has just put up the stove in anticipation of cold weather, I expect we shall need it shortly. It was quite cool this morn, at noon the sun made it pleasant, at 7.15 p.m. I was obliged to come down in the cabin I was so cold. The sea was such a peculiar colour, a sort of dirty pale green, I suppose the influence of the land as we are about seventy miles off it. One of the men caught me a beautiful dove. I held it in my hand until the steward could get me something to put it in. I was so afraid of hurting it I did not hold it tight enough and it got away. I was so sorry, it was such a beauty. Another small day’s work, 54 miles. Therm. 60.