Wednesday, December 11th, 1867

Getting along very slowly. 3 p.m. saw an amphibious animal in the water called a sea monster by some, a sea horse, such an immense thing, a head like a dog and fins that he appeared to use considerable in swimming. One of the sailors tried to harpoon him, he got one blow on the nose, which made him sing out pretty lustily, and off he started. We have not seen the poor fellow since, not likely we shall. Made the small sum of 49 miles. Therm. 52, eleven weeks from N.Y. today. Just fancy us going to bed at half past nine in the month of Dec. and good daylight, Wake up in the morning at 4 o’clock and find again good daylight. Indeed there is scarce any dark as it is full moon, day begins to break at 2 o’clock.