Sunday, November 24th, 1867

This day 154 miles with Sunday at sea. About eighty miles from land called Uruguay. Weather still cooler so that I am able to wear a thick dress now. Likely by next Sund. We shall have it cool enough for a fire. We have been looking out again for pamperos or any other kind of gales, but up to this time thank God we have escaped. My neuralgia is better today so I hope it may continue, for I lost nearly the whole of last week. I must make up some of it this.

2 p.m. Dined today of roast lamb and green peas mint sauce plum pudding, etc.

7.15 p.m. just come down off deck after watching the sun set, and such a lovely sunset, I was so carried away with its beauties I for a time could fancy myself in another world. There was a beautiful pale green sky with a rich gold border with golden wheat scattered over it and some tied up in bundles. How I did wish that some of our friends were there to enjoy the scene with me. The rays of the sun shining upon it was truly a magnificent sight.