Sunday, February 9th, 1868

No ships birds or fishes to be seen so I have not had anything to write about the last week. The painting is pretty near finished. Our fair wind is still with us, though less of it. Since last Sund. we have sailed eleven hundred and thirty three miles, our distance now from S.F. two thousand seven hundred miles, so we are approaching the end of our journey. How I do long to get ashore, I am so tired of being cooped up here so long. I shall be thankful enough when I see the land once more. The weather is very hot, last night was the hottest we have had. Still not so hot as we had it in the South Atlantic. We expect to cross the line again about Tues. next when I presume we shall have a different kind of weather and probably considerable rain. Still I hope it wont retard our progress. Had the last of our lamb today, as usual excellent. We shall soon be in the track of the ships. We have only seen two the last four weeks, it will be quite a treat to get amongst them again.