Saturday, May 30th, 1868

Something cooler than last week because we have a breeze, but not in the right direction. It is hard work to get along here, I fear we shall have a long passage. If the ship was only steady so I could do something. But it is a nuisance not knowing any minute if I may be pitched over. I had one upset on Sat. and came near putting my shoulder out. The air plays the mischief with our clothing. I want to look over some of it but I dare not until I have a steady day so I can venture to open out the trunks. Not seen a vessel of any description since the Chattanne, or yet birds or fishes, such a monotonous life it is really terrible at times, I don’t know what to do with myself, I can’t settle either to sew or read. I shall write no more until I have something to right about.